Tara Halupa – Promised Events

I wrote quite a few bios, that weren’t working, before I asked my self what would someone want to know about their wedding planner? Then suddenly this paragraph stopped sounding like a resume. Firstly, I love weddings, and witnessing families sharing the special moments. I love the outdoors, hiking, traveling, and animals, especially my Alaskan Malamute – Aspen. I adore everything pretty, pink and coordinated. That doesn’t mean that if girly isn’t your thing we can’t work together though! I have a background in theater so creativity, imagination and creating personal vision is the name of the game. I’ve been involved in various aspects of the wedding industry for over ten years, have unofficially helped plan many weddings, and have been a bridesmaid a billion times! Now that I’m in my mid thirties, most of my friends are married and I’ve had to retire my faithful bridesmaid emergency kit. I realized that although as a group travel agent, I worked with couples and weddings all the time, I missed being there on the ground for the big event. So there was only one thing to do… Open that closet back up and try on all my bridesmaid dresses! A few hours later I pulled out, and dusted off my trusted wedding emergency kit. It was finally time to make it official, thus Promised Events was born.

I can’t wait to work with you, and help you enjoy the planning process as much as you’ll enjoy you’re big day!


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