Welcome to Promised Events!

Hello World and Brides to Be!

Over the past few months I’ve been busy trying to officially bring Promised Events to life, which in 2016 means putting it online.  Saving melted wedding cakes, or sewing a torn bridesmaid dress is no problem!  Figuring out a website and starting a blog… well let’s just say I’d rather wear a sea foam bridesmaid’s dress from 1987!

We are truly living in an amazing time to be getting married.  Thanks to Pinterest brides have access to unlimited inspiration, and DIY projects to personalize their weddings.  Toronto and the GTA has an astounding number of talented vendors to make your event stand out.  I think that brides are more savvy then ever about what they want their wedding to look like.  Does that mean they need a wedding planner less?  Absolutely not!  If anything it means they are more important.  Planning your wedding shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun.  It’s a special time to spend bonding with family and friends in preparation for the most beautiful day of your life.  A wedding planner helps guide you and shape your dream, while taking the weight off your shoulders.  Especially on the big day!  Having a coordinator there for you means you don’t have worry if everyone and everything is in place and on time, because I will.  I believe a brides only job should be to enjoy the day and say ” I do “!

So whether you’re planning a wedding or just dreaming about one, I’m glad you found Promised Events and I hope you enjoy my blog about what’s happening in the wedding world as much as I enjoy sharing it!


– Tara